Ramen Sunday 2/15 Recipe

Ramen Sunday

Ramen Sunday 2/15.

My (Spotify) Year in Music

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My first major auto repair – a604/t41 3.8L V6 Transmission Shift Solenoid Replacement – or, how i got out of paying $700 to fix my vehicle


One day I was en route to the John Wayne Trail for some adventuring with my babygirl. While on the highway doing 60, the car sounded like it was in 3rd gear, and my RPM was up at 5000 but i obviously didn’t shift it to 3rd, according to my dashboard. I figured I’d better turn around. The next day, I dropped it off at my local auto repair shop to figure out what the damage would be.

Later that day I got a call back, mechanic saying “it’s the transmission solenoid. you’re looking at at least $670”, So I told dude I had to talk to wifey first. Next call, I told him “no thanks” (looking for a second opinion) but he let me know he’d have to charge me $90 for the diagnosis, and even if i brought it back to him later in the week, that wouldn’t be applicable to the cost of the repair. OK then, i wasn’t feeling that, so i was definitely out, on principle.

I was upset enough about the charge that i started looking at ways to get diagnostic codes from the car for free. Or cheaper than $90 a pop.

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Four things to give me focus

At work, as in life, i am interested in just too much. This morning i have a plan of attack that i’d like to try that i hope will work. Posting in case someone has good feedback, or could use some of the same help.

  1. lay out current areas of interest (i’ll be using stickies)
  2. affinity map them (sort by groupings).
  3. pare them down. Which are Long-term endeavors vs. skill sharpeners vs. whatever else i discover
  4. focus on 1-1.5 (i.e. “half time” on one) big picture a month, 1 skill sharpener a week.

hope this helps (me).

[shared on FB about a month ago, makes more sense here.]

Cougar Mtn, Wilderness Trail


Woke up pretty late; didn’t hit the trailhead until about 9. Last time i went it was with my son, so no chatting on the way up. That made it apparent that the first 1.5 or so miles was all uphill. Signage is great at this trail. We went to wilderness peak last time and sat on the bench, but this time i took a left at the sign towards Longview Peak. Met a jogger & his dog along the way who had entered via the Red Town trailhead and was lost, couldn’t give much guidance, except confirm that if he was going where i was coming from, that may not be the right direction.

Unfortunately, the peak, complete with two benches to enjoy the “view”, has not much of a view. Apparently it once did. Wandered back down.

I enjoyed the solitude, as there were no other hikers there the whole time, only joggers. The fog in the morning was glorious; my only regret is that i didn’t get started two hours earlier to really enjoy it.

This one gets 3/5 sweat globules on the Fat Man Hiking scale, and 3.5/5 for overall experience.

Grilled veggies

First grilled veggies on the charbroil. Bathed in the leftovers from tonight’s injection sauce.

Pork Loins in Char Broil The Big Easy Oil Less Turkey Fryer

A quickie. shoulda taken a pic, but these things were amazing the day of and the day after.

  1. Make sure you have a Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer..very happy with this joint
  2. Get a pork loin or two from the grocery
  3. pre-heat your Big Easy
  4. Inject it with a butter/garlic salt sauce. melt 3/4 to a stick of butter in saucepan, sprinkle garlic salt and sea salt to taste. also added a little olive oil (mine was slightly salty but still tasty) i used this to inject: lots of resources on how to inject…i learned by injecting my turkey earlier, from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP0Wz-K3tso
  5. rub it (i’m low carbing so): http://paleospirit.com/2011/dry-rubbed-barbecue-pork-ribs-paleo-style/. Since i cooked two, i doubled the ingredients.

Right after rubbing place on the fryer racks. i had two so i used my after-market rack for the second loin:

I Stuck thermometers in both, but could probably get away with only sticking it into the top one.

It took about 50 minutes to get to temperature. nice & crisp/juicy on the outside, and of course, juicy on the inside due to the injection.

Happy cooking!

Node.js require and exports

Concise. ~5mins and you’ve got it.


Cocoa with Love: Five approaches to listening, observing and notifying in Cocoa.

Cocoa with Love: Five approaches to listening, observing and notifying in Cocoa..

Adding photos to iPhone simulator « Daniel Saidi’s blog

pro tip :)

Adding photos to iPhone simulator « Daniel Saidi’s blog.